The White Capped Redstart Pictures and Detail (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus)

White Capped Redstart,  Himachal Pradesh, Himalayan Bird,
White Capped Redstart in Himachal Pradesh

The White Capped Redstart Pictures and Detail (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus)

I met White-capped Redstart in Himachal. During my visit to my native village in Himachal, my aunt told me that there is a beautiful bird moving around with a white patch on the top of its head. I was lucky because I met the bird the same evening and for the next four days, we met three times. 

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Fortunately, White-capped Redstart didn't mind my presence and I got a chance to take some beautiful pictures of this bird. White-capped Redstart is found in Indian Subcontinent and South-East Asia. Also check Plumbeous Water Redstart

White-capped, Redstart, Back,
White-capped Redstart from Back
The size of this bird is around 19 cm and its scientific name is (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus).  These birds belong to the Muscicapidae family of birds. At present, White-capped Redstart is in the least concern category of birds as per the threat level and we can find them on a wide range. 

White-capped Redstart, Evening
White-capped Redstart at Evening
White-capped Redstart has got its name because of the visible white patch on the top of its head. Both Male and Female White-capped Redstart are similar; though, we can find bigger white patch and dark colors in Male White-capped Redstart.

White Capped, Redstart
White-Capped Redstart
These birds are found in the foothills from 1500 meters to 6000 meters and they show altitudinal migration. They are also called White-capped River Redstart because they are found mostly near rocky rivers in the hills.

White-capped Redstart,
White-capped Redstart

White-capped Redstart mainly eats insects, flies, ants, berries and grass seeds. The good point about White-capped Redstart is that it displays many postures and tail positions.

White-capped Redstart, Side
White-Capped Redstart from Side

Overall, White-capped Redstart is a wonderful bird which makes the world of Birds even more beautiful. If we notice then we can find this bird; though it is not very common.

All pics of White-capped Redstart by Arvind Katoch

Some up of the some of main points of White Capped Redstart -

The White-capped Redstart (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus) is a small bird species found in the Himalayan region and nearby areas of Asia. Here are some key main points about this bird:

Appearance: The White-capped Redstart is a small, brightly colored bird.
It has a black body with a distinct white crown or cap on its head.
Its wings and tail are typically red, with white patches on the wings.

Habitat: This bird species is primarily found in high-altitude areas, including the Himalayan mountains, in regions ranging from Afghanistan to China.

Behavior: White-capped Redstarts are known for their active and agile behavior. They are often seen perched on rocks near fast-flowing streams and rivers.

Diet: Their diet consists mainly of insects and aquatic invertebrates, which they catch by hopping along rocks and darting into the water to feed.

Breeding: They typically build their nests in crevices or rocky outcrops near water sources.
Breeding season usually occurs during the summer months.

Song: The White-capped Redstart has a melodious and distinctive song that is often described as sweet and musical.

Range: Their range includes parts of Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, primarily in hilly and mountainous terrain.

Conservation: While they are not currently classified as threatened, their habitat is susceptible to disturbances and environmental changes due to human activities, making conservation efforts important.

Taxonomy: The White-capped Redstart belongs to the family Muscicapidae, which includes Old World flycatchers and related birds.

Migratory Behavior: Some populations of White-capped Redstarts are known to migrate to lower altitudes during the winter months, seeking warmer climates and an easier supply of food.

These main points provide an overview of the White-capped Redstart's characteristics, habitat, and behavior.


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