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Blue-throated Barbet (Megalaima Asiatica) Picture and Detail (A Beautiful Tiny Colorful Bird)

Blue-throated Barbet  Blue Throated Barbet (Megalaima asiatica) Picture and Detail Last time, I introduced you to Brown-headed Barbet which I found in Punjab (India). This time, I meet with beautiful Blue-throated Barbet in Himachal Pradesh. This bird is more colorful than earlier Barbet. The Blue-throated Barbet is a slighter smaller Barbet than the Brown-headed Barbet; though, we can hear its calls from a distance. Also Check Great Hill Barbet   and Coppersmith Barbet (New)  Blue-throated Barbet ------- Best Books on Indian Birds to Read ------- I found good numbers of Blue-throated Barbets on the tree which shows their sound population. These birds are shy in nature and mostly remain hidden behind the leaves. The scientific name of this bird is Megalaima Asiatica and it is an Asian Barbet bird with prominent color green on its body. Head of Blue-headed Barbet We can find the red color on the top (head) and blue color on the throat (which gives it the na