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The Grey (Himalayan) Treepie Pictures and Detail (Dendrocitta formosae)

The Grey (Himalayan) Treepie The Grey (Himalayan) Treepie Pictures and Detail (Dendrocitta formosae ) This is second Treepie whom I captured through my camera. Earlier it was Rufous Treepie ,  a Specie of Treepie from the plains. In India, we can find many geographically different regions; therefore, we see differences in birds too. The Himalayan ranges cross through the Northern and Eastern part of India; therefore, we find here many Himalayan birds. Grey Treepie is one of such bird which is also known as Himalayan Treepie . Unlike Rufous Treepie, these birds don't have a melodious voice and they look silent in nature. Grey Treepie from Back Like Rufous Treepie , Grey Treepie is also a bird of the crow family. These birds are found in the all geographical areas from foothills to higher peaks of Himalaya . Grey Treepie is basically an Asian Treepie. These birds are found from Northern India to Taiwan, including countries like China, Nepal, Myanmar.  Ther