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Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata) Pictures and Detail (Angry Bird)

Close up of A Jungle Babbler Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata) Pictures and Detail ( Click to Tweet ) I have grown up with these birds and the main thing about these birds is that they commonly found in the group and create lots of noise. The scientific name of Jungle Babbler is Turdoides Striata and one of the common Indian names is Seven Brothers or Seven Sisters. This bird also looks like Angry Bird from the famous cartoon series based on birds. It looks that the cartoonist got the inspiration from Jungle babbler for a few bird characters. ----- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography -------- We call them Jungle Babblers, however, I have mostly found them in cities. It looks that they have adapted well for city life whereas common babbler s the other species of them are not that common and I got their pictures by visiting the nearby village.  The bird family of these birds is Leiothrichidae and these birds are very common in the Indian Subcontinent. We can