Indian Robin Pictures and Detail (Saxicoloides fulicatus) from North India

Brown Headed Bird, Navy Blue Chest, Small Bird, Punjab, Indian Robin
A small Brown Headed Bird with Navy Blue Chest (Indian Robin)

Indian Robin Pictures and Detail

One day, I came across a small bird with brown upper part and navy blue lower part. Initially, I had no idea of this bird, then an online friend told me that it is Indian Robin and it is a male Indian Robin. 
Indian Robin, Robin, Front,
Indian Robin From Front

In India, we can find many varieties of birds and Indian Robin is a specific Robin species which is found in Indian subcontinent countries. The picture, I took is of a North Indian Robin which I took in Punjab state of India. 

Indian Robin, Male, Back
Indian Robin male from Back
The scientific name of Indian Robin is Saxicoloides Fulicatus and it belongs to the Muscicapidae family of birds. It is common to find Indian robins in semi forests and open area looking for food.

We can find differences in the colors of Indian Robin in other parts of India.  The female Indian Robins don't have dark colors.

Indian Robin, male
Indian Robin 
These birds prefer dry environment and therefore, we don't find them in places where rain is too common. In villages, outer parts of cities or in the gardens, we can easily some of Indian Robins.

Indian Robin eats insects, we can notice them turning stones to find insects.

Indian Robin
Indian Robin 
We can find Indian Robin in good numbers; therefore, there is no present threat to this bird.  Indian Robin is a beautiful bird and it helps human by eating harmful insects.
Indian Robin, Side
Indian Robin from Side
Indian Robin

All Pics by Arvind Katoch


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