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Hoopoe Pictures and Detail (Upupa epops) A Colorful Bird with a Crown

Indian Hoopoe with Full Crown Close up Picture of a Hoopoe Hoopoe Pictures and Detail (Upupa epops)  I was following this bird for some time to take its pictures; however, I didn't succeed for five months. I was mainly attracted to this Hoopoe because of the crown on its head. It is common to see a Hoopoe in India when we show some patience. After initial failures, I got many good pics of Hoopoe with full-grown (shown above taken on 26/01/2016).  Get the Hoopoe Stickers (Transparent and in White base) Now get the stickers of your favorite bird Hoopoe in multiple sizes of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 inches.  Buy these Hoopoe Stickers  Hoopoe the bird with Crown Luckily, I was sitting with my camera on the rooftop, then from nowhere a Hoopoe appeared and so I succeeded in getting a few of its pictures. It looked like Hoopoe had no problem with me taking his pictures; therefore, he sat there for 7-8 minutes. This time was enough for me to take some good pictures of Hoopo