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Hoopoe Pictures and Detail (Upupa epops) A Colorful Bird with a Crown

Indian Hoopoe with Full Crown Close up Picture of a Hoopoe Hoopoe Pictures and Detail (Upupa epops)  I was following this bird for some to take its pictures, however, I didn't succeed for five months. I was mainly attracted to this Hoopoe because of the crown on its head. It is common to see a Hoopoe in India when we show some patience. After initial failures, I got many good pics of Hoopoe with full-grown (shown above taken on 26/01/2016).  Hoopoe the bird with Crown Luckily, I was sitting with my camera on the rooftop, then from nowhere a Hoopoe appeared and so I succeeded in getting a few of its pictures. It looked that Hoopoe has no problem with me taking his pictures; therefore, he sat there for 7-8 minutes. This time was enough for me to take some good pictures of Hoopoe. Hoopoe bird gives 5-6 eggs in a briding season and the color of these eggs is white.  Hoopoe trying to get something from the wall The Hoopoe is the national bird of Isreal and