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Green Bee-eater ((Merops orientalis) Bird Pictures and Detail

Beautiful Green Bee-eater Green Bee-eater Bird Pictures and Detail Few days back when I was taking the pictures of birds, then I noticed few small green birds above me. These birds were constantly coming close to me like they were asking me to take their pictures.  Green Bee-eater Birds I saw these birds for the first time, therefore, don't have knowledge about these birds. When searched for them on Google, then I came to know about that these birds were Bee-eater birds and bird in the picture is Green Bee-eater bird.  It was the group of five, six bee-eater birds and they were flying all over to catch bees and flying insects. For some time, they sit in a single place and look for a flying insect and when they saw one, they immediately dive to the air to catch it.  Green Bee-eater  The juvenile Green Bee-eater birds don't have an elongated tail as it appears only in adult Bee-eater birds. An adult Green Bee-eater with a Juvenile Green Bee