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Eurasian Common Moorhen Pictures and Detail

Two Eurasian Common Moorhen Eurasian Common Moorhen Pictures and Detail  During my visit to the Kandi forest in Punjab in search of Peacock pictures , I came across a small water reservoir which was a sand dam to collect following water. Here I found a few black birds floating on the water. Later, I found that these are Eurasian Common Moorhen s.  Common Moorhen Swimming  There were dozen of Common Moorhen present in this small artificial water lake. I visited this place three times and everytime , I found these birds. The scientific name of these birds is Gallinula Chloropus  and they are also called Swamp Chicken . Indian Common Morrhen belong to the Rallidae family of birds. Eurasian Common Moorhen These birds looked shy in nature and they were moving away from me as I was approaching near them. Common Moorhens are omnivorous. It eats seeds, water-vegetation, algae, small fishes, aquatic plants, tadpoles, insects, berries, grass and many more. Gr