The Blue Whistling Thrush Pictures and Detail (Myophonus caeruleus)

Blue Whistling Thrush,
Blue Whistling Thrush

The Blue Whistling Thrush Pictures and Detail (Myophonus caeruleus)

When I captured the above pic of Blue Whistling thrush at that time, I had no idea about this bird. From a distance, this bird looks like small crow and you hardly notice small white dots. However, when I saw this picture on my computer then it becomes clear that it is a different bird. 

After some research, I came to know that it is called Blue Whistling Thrush which is a Himalayan and Asian Bird. This bird is found in a big geographical location from Afghanistan to Vietnam. This is a mountain bird because mostly found near the mountains. I captured these pictures in a village near Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh. 

Blue Whistling Thrush
Blue Whistling Thrush
In the above two pictures, you can see some insect in the beak of Blue Whistling Thrush. These birds feed on insects, fruits, nuts, snails and crabs. 

Blue Whistling Thrush got its name because of its dark blue color and its ability to whistle like humans. The scientific name of this bird is Myophonus caeruleus. In different locations, we can find some change it is color and size. We can also find many subspecies of this bird. 

Blue Whistling Thrush, Back
Blue Whistling Thrush 

The best way to identify this bird is to spot white dots on the upper part of the body. This bird is found either alone or in pairs; though, I spotted it alone most of the times. 

I found this bird very hard working because I always found in looking for food except in one case where I found him sitting on a tree branch in the above picture. 

Blue Whistling Thrush, Nut, Beak
Blue Whistling Thrush with Nut in Beak
In the above picture, you can see a Blue Whistling Thrush with a nut in his beak. 

Both the sexes of Blue Whistling Thrush are alike, though males are slightly bigger in size. They show altitudinal migration and move up hills in summers and descend down in winters. 

Blue Whistling Thrush
Blue Whistling Thrush
I enjoyed taking pictures of Blue Whistling Thrush; however, it is shy birds and it becomes difficult to find it. On my next visit to Himachal Pradesh, I hope to get more of his pictures. 

All pics by Arvind Katoch


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