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Rock Dove (Pigeon) Pictures and Detail (Columba livia) (The Piegon we find around)

Rock Dove  Rock Dove (Pigeon) Pictures and Detail (Columba livia ) Today, I am going to cover second Dove i.e. Rock Dove also popularly known as Rock Pigeon or simply Pigeon . The first dove, I covered on this blog was Laughing Dove , which we mostly see together with Rock Pigeons.  Rock Pigeons are very common birds because they are very good in adapting to different geographic conditions.   Rock Doves belong to the bird group of Columbidae (the group to which all doves and Pigeons belong). There are total of 310 birds in this group.  Pigeons eating Grains  We are feeding Pigeons from last 15 years, therefore, I am seeing them closely and can easily notice them with the sound they make. It is also common to see Pigeons in captivity and many people breed them. The relationship of humans and Pigeons is very old ( 10,000 years old) and before, the postal system, these birds were used to send essential mails or letters. Rock Pigeon Rock Pigeons are ba