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The Great Tit Pictures and Detail (Parus major)

The Great Tit Pictures and Detail (Parus major)
Intitally, I thought that this bird is also Cinereous Tit, however, with some research, I found that the Tit with yellow color around the stomach and the breast is called Great Tit. I found a Pair of Great Tit and Cinereous Tit, both of them were searching food on same tree. 
Great Tit is also a Tit family bird which is a big family of small birds. The only difference between Great Tit and Cinereous Tit is a yellow color in the stomach region in the Great Tit instead of white color in the same region in Cinereous Tit. 
The behavior and size of both birds are quite similar and it is common to find these birds together in many places. Till 2005, this the Great Tit was believed a sub species of Cinereous Tit and Japanese Tit. The Great Tit found in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. 
It is resident bird and it doesn't migrate. Due to small size, this bird always remains under threat from big bird eating birds like hawks. We can find …