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(Indian) Jungle Crow (Corvus Macrorhynchos) Pictures and Details

Jungle Crow Himachal Pradesh Jungle Crow (Corvus Macrorhynchos) Pictures and Details The first crow, I shared with you was the Indian (House) Crow , now I am going to introduce you to the Jungle Crow, as the name suggests it is a crow that mostly lives in the jungle. It is very common to find Jungle Crows in the Jungle and they sound alarmed with their sharp voice when you enter an area where they live.  Download our App Beautiful Indian Birds A Jungle Crow taking away left over Though, Jungle crow are not exclusive to jungles only, many times, we can find them in urban areas and near human population. The scientific name of Jungle Crow is Corvus Macrohynchos. This crow is also called Large-billed crow and Thick-billed crow because of its large bill. Jungle crows are widespread across Asia. Jungle Crow Front The best way to recognize these crows is to notice the completely black color on their body. Like the house crow, these crows do survive on the variety of f