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Brown Rock (Indian) Chat (Cercomela fusca) and Detail (Beautiful small Brown Bird)

Brown Rock (Indian) Chat  Brown Rock (Indian) Chat Pictures and Detail Brown Rock Chat is one of the common birds, we can observe these small brown birds even in urban areas. Brown Rock Chat is also called I ndian Chat because it is mainly found in central and northern India. The scientific name of the Indian chat is Cercomela fusca and it belongs to the chat (Saxicolinae) subfamily of birds.  ------Download our app Beautiful Indian Birds --------- A small Brown Rock Chat or Indian chat   My encounter with Brown Rock Chat is very common because a pair of these birds live near my home and I constantly get a chance to see them. I mostly see them in pairs and they don't mind coming close to me. They also enjoy me capturing their pictures and allow me to come close to them. Sometimes, we even find this bird making sweet calls as shown in the picture below. These small brown birds are capable of making eight different types of calls like threat call, territor