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Grey-headed or Dark-headed Yellow Wagtail Pictures and Detail (Motacilla flava thunbergi)

A Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail or Dark-headed Yellow Wagtail  The most difficult thing is to find the exact name of wagtail because we can find many wagtails and their subspecies. It took me 5 hours to reach at this conclusion that this a Grey -headed or Dark-headed yellow wagtail. In Punjab, India, Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail is mentioned in a list of birds found in Punjab.  This bird is a subspecies of Western Yellow Wagtail; therefore, many people commonly refer it as a Yellow Wagtail and its scientific name is Motocilla Flava thunbergi . In the tiny birds, we can find many varieties of birds and their subspecies make your job even tougher.  Grey -headed Wagtail These birds are Dark Grey or Grey  headed till the cheeks. We find white color on checks in females which may be missing in male Dark-headed yellow wagtails. They have olive color above and yellow color on the bottom and in some cases we can find presence of some white