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Black Redstart Pictures and Detail (Phoenicurus ochruros) A small curious Bird

Black Redstart Black Redstart Pictures and Detail-  Today, I will discuss and share the third Redstart with you with whom I spent some time and got its pictures. Earlier, I shared pictures of White capped Redstart  and Plumbeous Redstart . Like the other redstart  birds, Black Redstart is also a curious bird and it may come close to you when you are taking its pictures.  Black Redstart The scientific name of this bird is Phoenicurus ochruros and it belongs to the  redstart genus Phoenicurus. The scientific name of the Indian subspecies is Phoenicurus ochruros rufiventris. Black Redstart, a small flycatcher bird has a wide range and we can find many of their subspecies. Black Redstarts are found in Europe, Asia, China, Britain, Ireland, and Africa. It is a resident world; however, the Black redstart  living in the northern or colder parts may migrate to hot southern places.  ------- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography --------- Black Redstart Front It i