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Amur (White) Wagtail Pictures and Detail

Beautiful Amur (White) Wagtail Amur (White) Wagtail Pictures and Detail-  Today, it is time for Amur Wagtail which is a subspecies of White Wagtail. This is the third wagtail, I am sharing with you after Grey Wagtail and Grey -headed or Dark-headed Wagtail . The scientific name of this bird is Motacilla alba leucopsis . Amur Wagtail belongs to the Wagtail family of birds. We can find these birds over a long geographical range spread in the areas of Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan, and Oceania.  Sweet Amur (White) Wagtail Amur wagtail is a very sweet and friendly small wagtail. This wagtail mainly has a combination of White, Black, and gray colors on its body. It is quite pretty to observe the dark black eyes on the white face. The head of White Wagtail is black and we can find a black color on the front chest like a child's bib. The size of this wagtail is from 16 to 19 cm.  ------ Support this Blog and my Bird Photography -------- This bird is so fr

Grey Wagtail Picture and Detail (Motacilla cinerea)

Grey Wagtail  Grey Wagtail Picture and Detail (Motacilla cinerea) We can find many wagtail birds around us and Grey Wagtail is also one them which we sometimes see around. Recently, I became confused between a Grey Wagtail and Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail , Though after reading lots about these birds, I succeeded in identifying them. Anyone can easily confuse Grey Wagtail and Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail because of many similarities between them. The main difference which we can find in them is a black colored throat in Grey  Wagtail while Grey -headed wagtail has a yellow-whitish throat. The other method to identify the Grey Wagtail is to notice the white line crossing just above the eye, which is missing in  Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail.  Grey Wagtail is a small bird of the wagtail bird family (a family of birds which has habit of wagging their tail). The scientific name of this bird is Motacilla cinerea. This bird is found in Europe, Asia and Africa. They do

Grey-headed or Dark-headed Yellow Wagtail Pictures and Detail (Motacilla flava thunbergi)

A Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail or Dark-headed Yellow Wagtail  The most difficult thing is to find the exact name of wagtail because we can find many wagtails and their subspecies. It took me 5 hours to reach at this conclusion that this a Grey -headed or Dark-headed yellow wagtail. In Punjab, India, Grey -headed Yellow Wagtail is mentioned in a list of birds found in Punjab.  This bird is a subspecies of Western Yellow Wagtail; therefore, many people commonly refer it as a Yellow Wagtail and its scientific name is Motocilla Flava thunbergi . In the tiny birds, we can find many varieties of birds and their subspecies make your job even tougher.  Grey -headed Wagtail These birds are Dark Grey or Grey  headed till the cheeks. We find white color on checks in females which may be missing in male Dark-headed yellow wagtails. They have olive color above and yellow color on the bottom and in some cases we can find presence of some white