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Bird Photography needs a hell lot of Patience (Bird Photography Tip 1)

Bird Photography Tip 1    Patience  Being a Bird Photographer is not easy because birds are basically very shy and fearful in nature. As you try to go near them soon they fly away. This happens very often and sometimes, you become frustrated. Birds are very sensitive to your any noise or movement; therefore, they immediately notice any of your actions. However, if you remain patience with them, then sometimes they surprise you by giving the perfect shots. The more I indulge in Bird Photography more I found it interesting and worth spending my time. If you ask how much time, then even days are not enough. Patience in Bird Photography You need to just try again and again till you become lucky with an excellent shot. A Bird Photographer comes back empty handed many times; therefore, you need to keep in mind that you need a hell lot of patience to become a good Bird Photographer . It is much easier to take pictures of birds when they are caged; however, I don't like