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Lesser Yellownape (Woodkeeper) Pictures and Detail

Lesser Yellownape (Woodkeeper) Pictures and Detail The more I capture the pictures of birds, the more I become fascinated with their versatility. I wanted to capture the pictures of a wood keeper bird and one day, I heard a sound that resembles the sound of hitting hard on the wood. So, I decided to investigate and found a greenish bird making sounds on a nearby tree. I succeed in taking a few pictures of this bird before it flew away.  Download our App to Learn about Indian Birds Later on in the investigation, I found that it is Lesser Yellownape and its scientific name is (Picus chlorolophus). It belongs to the wood keeper family called Picidae and we can find them very common in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Lesser Yellownape has three subspecies and I took pictures of the Himalayan subspecies because I took these pictures in Himachal.  It is a medium-sized (25-27cm) greenish bird with a yellow crown or strip at the head with shades of red or orange color around the ey

The Verditer Flycatcher (Eumyias Thalassinus) Pictures and Detail

The Verditer Flycatcher (Eumyias Thalassinus) The Verditer Flycatcher (Eumyias Thalassinus) Pictures and Detail  ( Click to Tweet ) Verditer Flycatcher is the second Flycatcher bird that I am going to share with you. Earlier, I shared with you a beautiful white colored flycatcher bird Asian Paradise Flycatcher . Now, it is the turn of the second flycatcher bird i.e. Verfiter Flycatcher. I found both these flycatcher birds at the same place village Mandher, near Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh.  ------- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------ The scientific name of this bird is Eumyias thalassinus. Verditer flycatcher can be identified by the blue color of its body and a black patch around its eyes. It is an old-world flycatcher bird and found from the Himalayan region to Indonesia. The male Verditer flycatcher birds are blue colored all over the body while female birds are lighter blue in color. As their name suggests, these birds catch flies and other flying insects t

Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus) Pictures and Detail - A Bird who loves to be photographed

Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus) Male Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus) Pictures and Detail ( Click to Tweet ) Chat Birds are very interactive birds and they don't fear you much. Like the Brown Rock Chat which I covered earlier on this blog, Grey Bush Chat is also a very friendly bird and doesn't fear coming close to you. Brown Rock Chat is found in lower parts of India while Grey Bush Chat is a Himalayan Bird and I found it in Himachal Pradesh near Baijnath. Buy Grey Bush Chat Kiss-cut Stickers -  Grey Bush Chat Sticker Transparent Grey Bush Chat White background Sticker You have two options for buying the stickers of Grey Bush Chat, Transparent or white background. Grey Bush Chat Stickers are available in sizes of 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 inches.  Click to Buy Grey Bush Chat Stickers The scientific name of Grey Bush Chat is Saxicola Ferreus and they belong to the Muscicapidae family. It is found mainly in the Himalayan region including countries like