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The Common (Indian) Myna Pictures and Detail (Acridotheres tristis)

The Common (Indian) Myna Pictures and Detail (Acridotheres tristis) As the name suggests, this bird is very common in India and it is one of the most invasive birds in the present world. Common Myna is one such bird that makes her presence felt to you by coming very close to humans.  A Pair of a Common Myna  In India, we can find this bird in a big number with other species and subspecies of it. Common or Indian Myna is one bird about which a maximum number of people must have knowledge that they exist because they are everywhere and they have best adapted themselves to the urban lifestyle. These birds can be truly said to be the competitor of crows because they can be seen fighting with crows for the food items.  Close up Common Myna The scientific name of these birds is Acridotheres Tristis and they belong to the Sturnidae family of birds. Common Myna is native birds of Asia; however, now this bird is found in most parts of the world and in Australia, it