The Oriental White-Eye Pictures and Detail (Zosterops palpebrosus) A Beautiful Tiny Bird

Oriental White Eye, Tiny Bird, Beautiful, small bird
A Beautiful Tiny Bird (Oriental White-eye)

The Oriental White-Eye Pictures and Detail (Zosterops palpebrosus)

Today, I will talk about beautiful and tiny bird with White circle around the eye i.e. Oriental White-Eye. These were the first tiny bird whom pictures, I took. Before that I had no idea that such small tiny birds do exist and they can be so beautiful. 

The Oriental White-Eye is a passerine bird from Asia. We can find more than 5000 species of passerine birds. I was lucky to come across these birds and when a small group of them was venturing the open woodland behind my home.

Oriental White-Eye,
Oriental White-Eye from Front

Oriental White-eye got its name because of visible white circle around its eyes. The scientific name of this bird is (Zosterops palpebrosus). These birds, mainly survive on nectar and small insects.

Group, Oriental White-eye
Small group of Oriental White-eye

These beautiful tiny birds are of very small size around 8 cm long. When you see at these birds, then you come to know that how amazing is our nature. This bird can be recognized by upper olive part, white ring around the eye and light grey belly.

Close up, Oriental White-eye
Close up Oriental White-eye
The good news is that this bird is wide-spread and we can find few subspecies of bird also.

Oriental White-eye birds are very sociable in nature and therefore, we always find them in groups.

Oriental White-eye, Back
Oriental White-eye from back

It is not easy to capture pictures of these tiny birds because they move very fast from one place to place and hardly remain stable at a single place.

As a bird photographer, Oriental White-eye give you a challenge and you enjoy it. I like these birds very much because I see the miracle of nature in them.

Oriental White-eye
Oriental White-eye birds
During my recent visit to Himachal Pradesh, I did find some of beautiful Oriental White-eye birds there. Below you can watch picture of Oriental White-eye from Himachal Pradesh.

Close Uo, Oriental White Eye, Himachal

Oriental White-eye, Himachal Pradesh
Oriental White-Eye in Himachal Pradesh

Oriental Back Eye, Back, Himachal Pradesh

All pics by Arvind Katoch


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