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The Cinereous Tit Pictures and Detail (Parus Cinereus) Tiny Bird and Sweet Voice

Cinereous Tit, Tiny Birds
Cinereous Tit on Tree Branch

The Cinereous Tit  (Parus Cinereus)  

Many times, I wake in the morning while listening to sweet calls of Cinereous Tit because few Cinereour tits live around me and they sing in the morning. Cinereous Tit is a small tiny bird of black and white colors only; however, its voice is very sweet. 

It is hard to capture pics of these birds because they are shy in nature and second, they move very fast from one place to another. It took me around six months to get a few of their pics. We can find Cinereous Tit in most parts of India and South Asia.

The picture below of Cinereous Tit, I took in Hilly Part of Himachal Prades. 
Cinereous Tit, Parus Cinereus, Tinny Bird,
The Cinereous Tit (Parus Cinereus) Tinny Bird

These birds are part of tit family and their scientific name is Parus Cinereus. This bird also has many subspecies which vary in size and color.

Cinereous Tit mainly feed on fruits, seeds, insects. We can identify them with their white cheeks and white lines on the wings. They are good examples of beautiful black and white birds.

The best part of them is their whistling sweet sound which provides great relief to the mind.

Cinereous Tit, Back
Cinereous Tit from Back

Birds like Cinereous Tit make our surrounding beautiful and musical. These birds give eggs in the summers and their mating season can start from Feburary. During their mating season, whistling calls increasing many times.

Cinereous Tit, Ground
Cinereous Tit on Ground

I also found a related species to Cinereous Tit with yellow breast and later found that it is Great Tit.

Great Tit, Cinereous Tit
Great Tit and Cinereous Tit Together
Birds like Cinereous Tit are very useful for our ecological system because they help in cleaning the environment.

Cinereous Tit, Down Position
Cinereous Tit in Down Position 

All Pics of Cinereous Tit Taken by Arvind Katoch