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The Spot-billed Duck (Anas Poecilorhyncha) Pictures and Detail

A Pair of Spot Billed Ducks The Spot-billed Duck (Anas Poecilorhyncha) Pictures and Detail During my recent visit to Ropar (Rupnagar) wetland, I spotted two Spot-billed ducks enjoying in the water. Therefore, I decided to take some of their pictures. I went close to them and sat silently on the bank of the river.  Buy This Beautiful Spot-billed Duck Pair Swimming Picture Canvas Gallery Wrap - Now you can own this beautiful picture of two Spot-billed Duck pair swimming together. This canvas is available in three sizes of 20" X 10", 36" X 12", 60" X 20". You can increase the home/wall decor of your home with this beautiful Canvas. Click to Buy Spot-billed Duck Canvas   For twenty minutes, I got a  chance to witness many movements of this pair of ducks. In general, they avoid coming close to humans because of illegal hunting; however, I was lucky that they came close to me.  It was the pair of male and female spot-billed duck and there were