Green Bee-eater ((Merops orientalis) Bird Pictures and Detail

Beautiful, Green Bee-eater
Beautiful Green Bee-eater

Green Bee-eater Bird Pictures and Detail

Few days back when I was taking the pictures of birds, then I noticed few small green birds above me. These birds were constantly coming close to me like they were asking me to take their pictures. 

Green Bee-eater, Birds, Bee-eater
Green Bee-eater Birds
I saw these birds for the first time, therefore, don't have knowledge about these birds. When searched for them on Google, then I came to know about that these birds were Bee-eater birds and bird in the picture is Green Bee-eater bird. 

It was the group of five, six bee-eater birds and they were flying all over to catch bees and flying insects. For some time, they sit in a single place and look for a flying insect and when they saw one, they immediately dive to the air to catch it. 
Bee-eater, Bird, Green Bee-eater
Green Bee-eater 

The juvenile Green Bee-eater birds don't have an elongated tail as it appears only in adult Bee-eater birds.

Green Bee-Eater, Juvenile
An adult Green Bee-eater with a Juvenile Green Bee-Eater

Bee-Eater Bird, Green Bee-eater, Juvenile
A Juvenile Green Bee-Eater Bird
It is very common to notice adult Green Bee-eater with Juvenile Bee-eater because they take care of Juvenile very well till they become independent.

Bee-eater birds, Green Bee-eater Pair,
A Pair of Green Bee-eater Birds

The scientific name of these birds is Merops orientalis and they belong to the Bee-eater family of birds. These birds are found in Africa, Arab and Asia. They are resident birds; though sometimes they make seasonal movements.

Green Bee-eater, Bird, Top,
Green Bee-Eater Bird from Top

This bird is mainly found in the plains; though, sometimes we can find in lower hills. The good thing about this Green Bee-eater is that it is found in good number and there is no threat to this bird. These birds can be sometimes observed in urban parts.

Gree Bee-eater
Green Bee-eater

Update 02/April 2015- During my recent visit to Kandi Forest in Punjab, I got a chance to watch many of Green Bee-eater birds. Sometimes, I even got a chance to see two dozen of them at the same place.

In general, we find Green Bee-eater birds in the short groups or in pairs. In the Hills and forest regions of Punjab (India), we can find these birds in Good number.

Below, you can see the picture of a Green Bee-eater bird who was looking for insect in front of my car.

Green Bee-eater, Ground
Green Bee-eater on Ground 

During an evening walk through the fields in villages of Punjab, we can find Green Bee-eater birds sitting the tree branches looking for insects.

Green Bee-eater, Tree Branch
Green Bee-eater Bird on Tree Branch

Green Bee-eater birds provide a great opportunity in front of a bird photographer to test his skills because we can find them in many avatars doing a number of things.

Green Bee-eater
Green Bee-eater


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