Purple Sunbird Pictures and Detail (Cinnyris asiaticus) Male/Female both Pictures

Purple Sunbird. Sunbird, Beautiful
Beautiful Purple Sunbird

Purple Sunbird, Female
Purple Sunbird Female

Purple Sunbird Pictures and Detail (Cinnyris asiaticus)

The first Sunbird which I captured through my camera was Crimson Sunbird in the hills of Himachal Pradesh.  Purple Sunbird is second Sunbird and this time, I have pictures of both male and female Purple Sunbird. 
Purple Sunbird, Male, Making calls
Purple Sunbird Male Making Calls

You can see in the picture, Male Purple Sunbird is Purple in color while female Purple Sunbird has olive and yellow color. Like the Crimson Sunbird, these Sunbird mainly feed on nectar and insects. 

Purple Sunbird, Tree
Purple Sunbird on a Branch of Tree
The biggest difficulty you get while taking pictures of Sunbird is their very small size and their constant moments. We mostly don't notice these birds because of their small size.

The unique point of Purple Sunbird is their fast and direct flights and due to this, they can become out of sight anytime.

Female, Purple Sunbird
Female Purple Sunbird

The scientific name of Purple Sunbird is (Cinnyris asiaticus) Purple Sunbirds are resident birds and they don't migrate to long distances. These birds are mainly found in plains unlike crimson sunbird which I found in the Hills.

We can find many subspecies of Purple Sunbird in India and in Asia. We can recognize or find these birds through sharp calls made by them.

Purple Sunbird,
Purple Sunbird

The Sunbirds can live for 20 years if everything goes fine and my people put these birds in cages.
Purple Sunbird, Male
Purple Sunbird Male

Though, male and female Purple Sunbird have a difference in color at first look anyone can think that they are different birds not related to each other. After taking many pictures of Purple male and female Sunbird, I have found great coordination between them.

When one of male or female Purple Sunbird absorbs nectar from flowers than the other one keep eyes on the dangers and keep on making calls. By observing a slightest danger, both of them fly away immediately.

We can find this tiny bird throughout India, though, we can see some difference in their color from place to place. By making such tiny birds, nature has made our world very beautiful.

Purple Sunbird Female, Female,
Beautiful Purple Sunbird Female


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