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Indian silver bill (White-throated Munia) Pictures and Detail

 Indian silver bill (White-throated Munia) Pictures and Detail Today, I am going to share pictures and detail of another small bird that can be seen around us in groups. The name of this bird is Indian Silverbill. It is also known as White-throated Munia. The scientific name of this bird is Euodice malabarica. This is the second Munia bird, I am going to present to you. Earlier, I  shared pictures and detail of scaly-breasted munia , a variety of munia birds that we can easily spot around.   I found Silverbill Munia in a group as we mostly find small birds in a group. This munia is believed to be a close relative of the African silverbill. This estrildid finch belongs to the family of seed-eating small birds and we can find many similar-looking small birds in this family. It is common to find small groups of these birds in small grasslands.  This small bird is mainly found in the plain region but we can find them in the lower foothills. They are found in countries like Pakistan, Bangla