Hoopoe Pictures and Detail (Upupa epops) A Colorful Bird with a Crown

Indian, Hoopoe, Full Crown,
Indian Hoopoe with Full Crown

Bird, Indian bird, Hoopoe
Close up Picture of a Hoopoe

Hoopoe Pictures and Detail (Upupa epops) 

I was following this bird for some to take its pictures, however, I didn't succeed for five months. I was mainly attracted to this Hoopoe because of the crown on its head. It is common to see a Hoopoe in India when we show some patience. After initial failures, I got many good pics of Hoopoe with full-grown (shown above taken on 26/01/2016). 

Crown, Hoopoe, Bird
Hoopoe the bird with Crown
Luckily, I was sitting with my camera on the rooftop, then from nowhere a Hoopoe appeared and so I succeeded in getting a few of its pictures. It looked that Hoopoe has no problem with me taking his pictures; therefore, he sat there for 7-8 minutes. This time was enough for me to take some good pictures of Hoopoe. Hoopoe bird gives 5-6 eggs in a briding season and the color of these eggs is white. 

Hoopoe, Wall,
Hoopoe trying to get something from the wall

The Hoopoe is the national bird of Isreal and it is an Afro-Eurasian bird meaning it is found in Africa, Asia, Europe, and many other places/islands. The Hoopoe is one of the highly noticed birds because of crown-like feathers on his head, which he can open and close.
Hoopoe, Full Crown,
Hoopoe with Full Crown

This bird belongs to the Upupidae family of birds. We can find nine subspecies of Hoopoe. They mainly eat insects, small reptiles, frogs, seeds, berries, etc.

Hoopoe, Grassland
Hoopoe in Grassland

It is common to find Hoopoe in grasslands near human habitats. These birds are very useful for humans and farmers because they eat many insects which are harmful to crops and humans.

We also get the reference of Hoopoe in the Quran as Hudhud. We can find paintings of this bird on many ancients temples and literature.

Hoopoe, Back,
Hoopoe from Back

Therefore, we can say that association of Hoopoe and humans is very old. The scientific name of this bird is Upupa Epops and some of its other names are hudhud, Epopus, Hupe, Hupelot, Huppe, Upupa, etc. The Hindi name of Hoopoe are hudhud (हुदहुद). 

Hoopoe, Bird

In many places, seeing Hoopoe is believed as a good sign. This bird is associated with positivity in many religions. The average lifespan of hoopoe birds is 10 years. 

The good news for Hoopoe is that it is present in a wide geographical area and there is no present threat to this species.


All Pics Hoopoe by Arvind katoch


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