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Bank myna (Acridotheres ginginianus) Picture and Detail

Bank Myna  Bank myna (Acridotheres ginginianus) Picture and Detail  As you go deep into the world of birds, then you witness a great variety of birds. I never thought earlier that so many kinds of Myna live around us. Around the world, we can find two dozen myna. The first myna, I shared with you was Common Myna and now, I am going to share Bank Myna and which is also called Sharak in Punjabi.  Initially, I thought that it is a jungle Myna because of its resemblance to it; however, on closer look, I found that there is a difference in the colour of the bleak skin around its eye. In some studies, I found that It is bank myna. The scientific name of this myna is Acridotheres ginginianus.  Bank Myna  Like the Common Myna, Bank Myna also doesn't fear much from humans and therefore, you get a nice chance to take its pictures. The brick-red colour of its bleak skin around its eyes is the main indicator that it is Bank Myna. Also, there is no white patch on the wing