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Orange-headed Thrush (Geokichla citrine) Himalayan Sub Specie (Pictures, Detail and Video)

Orange-headed Thrush Orange-headed Thrush (Geokichla citrina ) (Pictures and Detail)  During my last visit to Himachal Pradesh, I noticed that a bird with a very melodious voice is singing around me, so I took my camera and move forward to find it. After a few meters of distance, I found this beautiful bird made a small video so that I can hear his voice again and again. ------ Download our App Learn about Indian Birds ----- On some study, I found that it is an Orange-headed thrush and the bird which I captured is a Himalayan Sub Specie of this bird. The Himalayan Sub Specie of Orange-headed thrush can be distinguished by the small white-colored patch on its wings which is missing in other species. Orange-headed Thrush on Tree Whenever I feel sad or depressed, I play the beautiful musical calls of this bird, and soon, I feel refreshed. Nature has great power and these birds are part of our nature; however, human greed is destroying nature and thus killing innocent bird

Russet Sparrow (Passer rutilans) Pictures and Detail

A Male Russet Sparrow (Himachal) Russet Sparrow (Passer rutilans) Pictures and Detail Today, I will discuss second Sparrow on this blog, earlier I shared with you pictures and detail of House Sparrow  and made you familiar with the disappearance of House Sparrow . Today, I am going to introduce you Russet Sparrow, another Sparrow, which is not so common like House Sparrow.  The scientific name of this Sparrow is Passer Rutilans and it is also called Cinnamon or Cinnamon Tree Sparrow or Lal Guria (in Hindi). It is a Sparrow family bird and they have thick bill. There are three subspecies of Russet Sparrow. I have got pictures of the Russet Sparrow subspecies which is found in the Himalayan region.  A Male Russet Sparrow with Insect  I meet this bird while feeding the house sparrow at my village home near the Baijnath town of Hiamchal. I found that a Rufous colored sparrow is also coming to eat the rice. In my village, everyone has idea that it is also a house

Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) Picture and Detail (Sweet voiced Bird)

Asian Koel (male) Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) Picture and Detail It is common to find people who are aware of the sweet voice of Koels because, during the mating season, Koels give very sweet calls " Koo -Ooo". We can easily hear their sweet calls of Koo-ooo- koo -ooo in the morning and evening hours. However, the number of people who have seen it always remains less because the  Asian Koel is a very shy bird and it always hides well in dense trees. ` ------ Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------- I am also aware of the sweet voice of Koel  from my childhood time; however, I got a chance to see it a few days back only. I followed the voice of Koel and found it on a tree. Thankfully, the tree was not very dense and I got a few  pictures of Koel .  Asian Koel from Bottom  The scientific name of the  Asian Koel is Eudynamys Scolopacieus and it is a bird of the Cuckoo order bird family. This bird is mainly found in Asia and China. Though