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Common Babbler Pictures and Detail (Turdoides caudata)

Common Babbler  Common Babbler Pictures and Detail- Today, I will share the detail and pictures of Common Babbler. Earlier, I shared with you another Babbler i.e. Jungle Babbler . The strange thing here is that I found Jungle Babbler more common than the Common Babbler. Jungle Babblers are very common in cities and near the human population, whereas Common Babblers look slightly away from humans.  Common Babblers are small grey  and white-colored creatures that are much smaller than the Jungle Babblers. The scientific name of these birds is Turdoides Caudata and belong to the Leiothrichidae family of birds. Like the Jungle Babbler, Common Babblers can also be found in small groups and they too create noise. We can find two subspecies of Common Babblers.  -------- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ----- We can recognize Common Babbler with their long tails and greyish color with dark streaks. We can find a white patch on their throat and the bottom of the bi