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Indian (House) Crow (Corvus Splendens) Pictures, My Experience with Indian Crows

Indian House Crow Indian (House) Crow (Corvus Splendens) Pictures  ( Click to Tweet ) When you live in India then it is very hard for you to ignore this bird and its name is  Indian Crow . Also, read Jungle Crow . It is also called House Crow and its scientific name is  Corvus Splendens . These black colored birds are neither beautiful nor they have a sweet voice, but we can find them everywhere. Indian House Crow It is common to hear their voices of Caw-caw when they are around. Most of the time, crows are unwanted visitors when you are feeding other birds. However, still, I love them because they are very clever birds and they help us in cleaning the environment by eating waste. Indian Crow on the Top of a Buffalo Crows are very confident birds and they are very good at adapting to the new situations; therefore, they can survive in most of the hard conditions. As I am writing this article, a crow is cawing outside my window. The disadvantage of crows is that

About Indian Birds Photography and List of Birds Covered

( Click to Tweet )  List of Birds Covered on the Blog (so far) Adding New Birds Daily ----- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------- Amur (White) Wagtail Asian Barred Owlet Asian Koel Asian Paradise Flycatcher Asian Pied Starling (Pied Myna) Bank Myna Barn Swallow Black Redstart Black-throated Tit Black-Winged Stilt Blue-fronted Redstart Blue-throated Barbet Blue Whistling Thrush Brahminy Starling (Myna)  Brown-headed Barbet Brown Rock Chat (Indian Chat) Cattle Egret Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush Cinereous Tit Common Babbler Common (Indian) Myna Common Moorhen Common Tailorbird Coppersmith Barbet Crimson Sunbird Dark-headed or Grey -headed yellow Wagtail Eurasian Collared-Dove Eurasian Coot Eurasian Stone-curlew (Eurasian Thick-Knee) Great Barbet Greater Coucal (Crow Pheasant) Great Tit Green Bee-Eater Grey Bush Chat Grey (Himalayan) Treepi e Grey-hooded Warbler Grey Wagtail Himalayan Black-lored Tit Himalayan Bulbul Hoopoe (Hudhu