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Coppersmith Barbet Pictures and Detail (A beautiful Tiny Green Bird)

Coppersmith Barbet Pictures and Detail I have always loved the green-colored birds because I have grown with Rose-ringed Parakeets around me. I came to know about Barbet birds when I started taking bird pictures. Coppersmith Barbet is the fourth barbet whom I captured through my camera. Earlier, I took pictures of Brown-headed barbet , Blue-throated Barbe t, and Great Barbet . I captured this bird in Punjab.  ---- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------ The scientific name of these birds is Psilopogon Haemacephalus and they are also known as Crimson-breasted Barbet and Coppersmith. This barbet belongs to the Asian subcontinent (India, Srilanka, etc.) and it can be easily found in the Indian subcontinent. You can recognize a barbet bird around by his peculiar and sharp calls. Barbet birds are very small birds; however, very beautiful and colourful birds.  Like other barbet birds, Coppersmith barbet also has a short neck, short tail, and a big head as compared to the body. I

Great Barbet (Megalaima virens) Pictures and Detail (Barbet with Loud Calls)

Great Barbet  Great Barbet (Megalaima virens) Pictures and Detail Today, I will introduce you to the third Barbet with whom I met a few days back. First, I introduced you to the Brown-headed Barbet and then to Blue-throated Barbet  ( Coppersmith Barbet New) Now, it is time to meet the Great Barbet or Great Hill Barbet with whom I met near Baijnath Town in Himachal Pradesh. In my village, it is very common to hear the loud noise of great barbet, though, we sometimes also hear the voice of blue-throated barbet too. They sometimes come very near to the trees near my home in Himachal. Many times, I have seen them in groups too.  -------- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------- I found its location through his sharp calls which you can listen to from a distance. Great Barbet is an Asian Barbet and it is the biggest among all Barbets. Like the other barbets , it is also a plump bird with a short neck, big head, and a short tail. Great Barbet can be easily see

Blue-throated Barbet (Megalaima Asiatica) Picture and Detail (A Beautiful Tiny Colorful Bird)

Blue-throated Barbet  Blue Throated Barbet (Megalaima asiatica) Picture and Detail Last time, I introduced you to Brown-headed Barbet which I found in Punjab (India). This time, I meet with beautiful Blue-throated Barbet in Himachal Pradesh. This bird is more colorful than earlier Barbet. The Blue-throated Barbet is a slighter smaller Barbet than the Brown-headed Barbet; though, we can hear its calls from a distance. Also Check Great Hill Barbet   and Coppersmith Barbet (New)  Blue-throated Barbet ------- Best Books on Indian Birds to Read ------- I found good numbers of Blue-throated Barbets on the tree which shows their sound population. These birds are shy in nature and mostly remain hidden behind the leaves. The scientific name of this bird is Megalaima Asiatica and it is an Asian Barbet bird with prominent color green on its body. Head of Blue-headed Barbet We can find the red color on the top (head) and blue color on the throat (which gives it the na

Brown-headed Barbet Pictures and Detail (A Fatty Green Bird with Brown Top)

Beautiful Brown-headed Barbet Brown-headed Barbet Pictures and Detail [Update 21/03/2015- Today, I got some new pictures of Brown-headed Barbet when I got the chance to spend some time with two of them. At the end of March, we can find most birds in pairs and the same is true for Brown-Headed Barbet . From the morning, I was listening to calls of Brown-Headed Barbets so I followed these calls and got some new pics. This time, it looked that Brown headed Barbet has no objection to my presence and I got some wonderful pics. I wish that this breeding season goes well for the Brown Headed-Barbet and we see a new generation of them. I was trying to get close to these birds for the last three months and today was my lucky day.] Also Check Blue-throated Barbet , Coppersmith Barbet and Great Hill Barbet  Brown-Headed Barbet from back One day, I was taking pictures of birds, then I noticed a green bird flew near me. Earlier, the only green bird I was aware of being