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Russet Sparrow (Passer rutilans) Pictures and Detail

A Male Russet Sparrow (Himachal) Russet Sparrow (Passer rutilans) Pictures and Detail Today, I will discuss second Sparrow on this blog, earlier I shared with you pictures and detail of House Sparrow  and made you familiar with the disappearance of House Sparrow . Today, I am going to introduce you Russet Sparrow, another Sparrow, which is not so common like House Sparrow.  The scientific name of this Sparrow is Passer Rutilans and it is also called Cinnamon or Cinnamon Tree Sparrow or Lal Guria (in Hindi). It is a Sparrow family bird and they have thick bill. There are three subspecies of Russet Sparrow. I have got pictures of the Russet Sparrow subspecies which is found in the Himalayan region.  A Male Russet Sparrow with Insect  I meet this bird while feeding the house sparrow at my village home near the Baijnath town of Hiamchal. I found that a Rufous colored sparrow is also coming to eat the rice. In my village, everyone has idea that it is also a house

House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) Pictures and Detail (A Tiny Bird which almost disappeared from India a few years back) Saving House Sparrow

House Sparrow Female House Sparrow Male House Sparrow  (Passer Domesticus) Pictures and Detail  Up to a few years back, House Sparrows never needed any special introduction in India because it was very common to see these tiny beautiful birds around the human habitats in cities and villages. However, within the last five-six years, they almost disappeared from most Indian cities and villages.  I know these birds very well because many of the House Sparrows were visiting our home since my childhood. They used to come very close to my mother when she was cleaning rice or other grains so that they can catch the rice or grain which is thrown out by her.  ------- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------ Group of House Sparrow eating Left away Rice We are also starting to feed these birds with rice or leftover food and they become daily visitors to our home. Everything was fine till 10 years back when House sparrows were visiting our home; however, then