Asian Barred Owlet Pictures and Detail

Asian Barred owlet, Himalayan, species,

Asian Barred Owlet Pictures and Detail- 

Finally, I am a happy man because I got my first picture of an owlet. Even after taking pictures of more than 100 different birds, I was unable to capture an owlet through my camera. I became lucky when I spotted an Asian Barred Owlet at my native village in Himachal. The scientific name of Asian Barred Owlet is Glaucidium cuculoides. 

The above owlet in pictures is the subspecies of Asian Barred Owlet which is found in Himalayas and its scientific name is Glaucidium cuculoides cuculoides. These owls are residents of Northern Subcontinent of India and they are also found in some part of Southeast Asia. Asian Barred Owlet are species of True owlet and they can be seen in countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Mynmmar, Thialand, Combodia, Laos and Vietnam. 

Asian Barred owlet

Mostly, in the Indian culture, people don't like owlet and associate it with them bad things. However, I like them very much and even want to have one as a pet if I gets one who can't fly due to a injury. Asian Barred owlets are put in the category of least concerned birds because of their presence in the good numbers. 

It is basically a small owlet with rounded headed and no ear tufts. Their size range from 22-24 cm and 150 to 250 g. The breeding season of these owlets range from April to June. Asian Barred owlet females are heavier than the male counterparts. These owlets can be recognized by the white eyebrows. 

In future, I hope to bring more pictures and detail of Asian Barred Owlet for you.