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The Indian Pond Heron Pictures and Detail (Ardeola grayii)

Indian Pond Heron An Indian Pond Heron Perfectly Hiding in Leaves The Indian Pond Heron Pictures and Detail (Ardeola grayii) Some of Birds are so good in camouflage that we need hard efforts to find them. Indian Pond Heron is also one such bird, which uses its wing color to hide in the leaves.   This happened with me during my recent visit to Harike Wetland, while taking pictures, I noticed that something is hiding in the leaves. When we reached closure, then I found that it is an Indian Pond Heron.  Indian Pond Heron  It is hard to find this bird when you see it from a distance because it mixes very well in the environment.  In the below picture, you can understand what I am saying.  Can you identify Indian Pond Heron It was an interesting experience to capture a few pics of Indian Pond Heron in its wild background. This bird can be found from Iran to Burma, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka.  The scientific name of this bir