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Bird Photography Tip 3- Are you using the right DSLR camera lens?

DSLR 70-300mm Lens Bird Photography Tip 3- Are you using the right DSLR camera lens? When you do photography with DSLR camera then it becomes very important to use the right camera lens. If we don't choose the right lens, then we will not get good pictures.  In Bird Photography, you also need to choose your lenses well; otherwise you will miss many good opportunities.  For bird photography, we need to use Telephotolenes because it is not easy to go very near to birds and we need to take their pictures without disturbing them.  The two Telephoto lenses, I recommend for Bird Photography are 70-300 mm lens and 150-600 mm lens.   For new bird photographers, they should start with 70-300 mm lens. These lenses are available in market from companies like NIkon, Sony, Tamron, Sigma etc in the price range of Rs 10000 to 35000 depending on the brand and features.  We can catch many good moments with 70-300 mm lens and it is one of essential lens which every bird

Bird Photography Tip 2- Try to understand the Bird's environment Well before taking Picture

For a good Bird Photographer , it is very important to understand the bird's environment well. When we know more about Bird behavior and their environment, then it becomes much easier to take their best pictures. Initially, no one is master in it and we all learn with time. When we spend more and more time with the birds and in their environment, then we learn many things about them like which tries they like, flowers they eat, the time when they come out. Different birds follow different patterns; however, we can always find some places where the density of birds is much higher as compared to other places. With my experience in bird photography , I have found that there are few isolated or small places where we can find many birds simultaneously; though some of these locations may change with time. For example, if there are delicious berries or flowers on a tree, then there are good chances that many birds will get attracted to this tree. For a good bird photographer