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Brown-headed Barbet Pictures and Detail (A Fatty Green Bird with Brown Top)

Beautiful Brown-headed Barbet Brown-headed Barbet Pictures and Detail [Update 21/03/2015- Today, I got some new pictures of Brown Headed Barbet when I got the chance to spend some time with two of them. At the end of March, we can find most of birds in pairs and same is true for Brown Headed Barbet . From the morning, I was listening calls of Brown Headed Barbets so I followed these calls and got some new pics. This time, it looked that Brown headed Barbet has no objection to my presence and I got some wonderful pics. I wish that this breeding season goes well for the Brown Headed-Barbet and we see a new generation of them. I was trying to get close to these birds from last three months and today was my lucky day.] Also Check Blue-throated Barbet and Great Hill Barbet  Brown Headed Barbet from back One day, I was taking pictures of birds, then I noticed a green bird flew near me. Earlier, the only green bird I was aware of being a Parrot. This bird is shor