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Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata) Pictures and Detail (Angry Bird)

Jungle Babbler, Seven brother, Bird Punjab, Punjab
Close up of A Jungle Babbler

Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata) Pictures and Detail

I have grown up with these birds and the main thing about these birds is that they commonly found in group and create lots of noise. The scientific name of Jungle Babbler is Turdoides Striata and one of the common Indian name is Seven Brothers or Seven Sisters. This bird also looks like Angry Bird from the famous cartoon series based on birds. It looks that the cartoonist got the inspiration from Jungle babbler for few bird characters.

The bird family of these birds is Leiothrichidae and these birds are very common in Indian Subcontinent. We can see them in forests, gardens and residential areas.
Jungle Babbler, Seven Brother, Indian bird, Grey color bird,
A Jungle Babbler Sitting on a Branch of Guava Tree

Jungle Bablers have short wings; therefore, they have a short flight. The Jungle Bablers which are found in urban parts are slightly bigger than Jaungle Bablers found in non-urban areas.

In India, anyone can easily notice these birds if he puts some attention on birds around. It is easy to feed these birds because they love to eat leftovers or fresh food given to them. I have enjoyed a good relationship with them so far and they come very close to me. I have always found Jungle Babblers around me where ever I have lived.
Baby, Jungle Babbler
Baby Jungle Babbler

  Because of their noisy nature, we come to know about the presence of Jungle Babblers nearby. These birds are very social in nature and they always move in groups. They eat a variety of food like insects, grains, berries etc.

Back, Backside, Jungle Babbler
Jungle babbler from Backside

I feel fortunate that I grew up with these birds and got a chance to take so many of pictures of Jungle Babbler. These gray colored birds are very beautiful and they show you many colors of life.

We can learn a few lessons of socialization from Jungle Babbler because they always stay in a group and never leave their group.

Side View, Jungle Babbler
Side View of a Jungle Babbler

I have found a great ability in Jungle Babbler birds to communicate with you and you can do the same if you show some patience. I hope that with these pictures of Jungle Babbler and information, you can easily recognize this bird.

Jungle Babblers, Baby Jungle Babblers
Two baby Jungle Babblers
Jungle Babblers,
Jungle Babblers
Jungle Babbler always takes care of their kids very well. Mostly, Juvinile Jungle Babbler remains close to their parents. We can often see parent Jungle Babbler cleaning and taking care of Juvenile Jungle Babbler.

Jungle babbler, baby, Kid
Jungle Babbler taking care of Juvenile 

Jungle Babbler Pictures Video Presentation-


Photography Credit Arvindkatoch's Photography