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Coppersmith Barbet Pictures and Detail (A beautiful Tiny Green Bird)

Coppersmith Barbet Pictures and Detail I have always loved the green-colored birds because I have grown with Rose-ringed Parakeets around me. I came to know about Barbet birds when I started taking bird pictures. Coppersmith Barbet is the fourth barbet whom I captured through my camera. Earlier, I took pictures of Brown-headed barbet , Blue-throated Barbe t, and Great Barbet . I captured this bird in Punjab.  ---- Support this Blog and my Bird Photography ------ The scientific name of these birds is Psilopogon Haemacephalus and they are also known as Crimson-breasted Barbet and Coppersmith. This barbet belongs to the Asian subcontinent (India, Srilanka, etc.) and it can be easily found in the Indian subcontinent. You can recognize a barbet bird around by his peculiar and sharp calls. Barbet birds are very small birds; however, very beautiful and colourful birds.  Like other barbet birds, Coppersmith barbet also has a short neck, short tail, and a big head as compared to the body. I