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The Himalayan black-lored tit (Parus xanthogenys) Pictures and Detail

The Himalayan black- lored tit The Himalayan black- lored tit (Parus xanthogenys) Pictures and Detail  Today, I met the third bird from Tit Family, a Himalayan Black-lored tit . Earlier, I covered  Great Tit and Cinerous Tit in previous posts. I had a great experience with the Great Tit and Cinereous Tit. This time, I got a chance to take more pictures of all these three species of Tits.  I discovered Himalayan Black-lored tit when I was searching for a Redstart bird in a small rocky river. I noticed that a small yellow-black bird is trying to get my attention and when I focused my lens on this bird, then I realized that it is a tiny and very beautiful Himalayan Black-lored tit.  Himalayan Black-lored Tit I never thought that I will find a Himalayan Black-lored tit so easily. This bird also looked very willing to get his picture clicked; however, due to sunset time, I was not able to get many good pictures. Though I had a great experience with him and I can