The Grey (Himalayan) Treepie Pictures and Detail (Dendrocitta formosae)

Grey Treepie, Himalayan Treepie
The Grey (Himalayan) Treepie

The Grey (Himalayan) Treepie Pictures and Detail (Dendrocitta formosae)

This is second Treepie whom I captured through my camera. Earlier it was Rufous Treepiea Specie of Treepie from the plains. In India, we can find many geographically different regions; therefore, we see differences in birds too.

The Himalayan ranges cross through the Northern and Eastern part of India; therefore, we find here many Himalayan birds. Grey Treepie is one of such bird which is also known as Himalayan Treepie. Unlike Rufous Treepie, these birds don't have a melodious voice and they look silent in nature.

Grey Treepie, Back
Grey Treepie from Back

Like Rufous Treepie, Grey Treepie is also a bird of the crow family. These birds are found in the all geographical areas from foothills to higher peaks of Himalaya. Grey Treepie is basically an Asian Treepie.

These birds are found from Northern India to Taiwan, including countries like China, Nepal, Myanmar.  There are also some subspecies of Grey Treepie and we can find slight variations in its size and color from place to place.

Grey Treepie, Top
Grey Treepie on Tree Top

It is common to find Grey Treepie on the Tree Tops or in the fields in search of insects.

Grey Treepie, Fields
Grey Treepie in Fields

Grey Treepie is separated from the other Treepie birds by its overall Grey Color of the body. One other way to identify this bird is a to check a small white patch on the wings.

Unlike, Rufous Treepie it is slightly difficult to see these birds because they work silently and due to grey color, they mix very well in the environment.

Grey Treepie,
Grey Treepie

Grey Treepie mainly eat insects, though they also enjoy berries, fruits, grains and reptiles. They breed between months of May to July.

The good news is that these birds are also in the least concern category as per the threat to birds.

Grey Treepie
Grey Treepie

All pics by Arvind Katoch


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