The Spot-billed Duck (Anas Poecilorhyncha) Pictures and Detail

Spot Billed Ducks, Pair, Duck
A Pair of Spot Billed Ducks

The Spot-billed Duck (Anas Poecilorhyncha) Pictures and Detail

During my recent visit to Ropar (Rupnagar) wetland, I spotted two Spot-billed ducks enjoying in the water. Therefore, I decided to take some of their pictures. I went close to them and sat silently on the bank of the river. 

For twenty minutes, I got a chance to witness many movements of this pair of ducks. In general, they avoid to come close to human because illegal hunting; however, I was lucky that they came close to me. 

It was the pair of male and female spot-billed duck and there were rotating around a specific location. The birds in the picture are Indian spot-billed ducks. The scientific name of these birds is Anas poecilorhyncha.

Male, Spot-billed Duck, Duck
Male Spot-billed Duck
These birds (ducks) are very good both in flying and floating over the water. It is very nice to watch taking flight from the water.

These ducks are mainly gray in color and a black bill with yellow tip. We can also spot red color on their forehead of male Spot-billed duck, this mark is either missing in the female or it is not very significant. Female spot-billed ducks are smaller in size as compared to male spot-billed ducks. It is common to find Spot-billed ducks in the pairs like in the first picture.

Spot-billed Duck, Floating,
Spot-billed Duck Swiming on Water
These ducks are very good swimmers and they can even swim in the flowing water. These ducks live in fresh water lakes and marshes. They mainly feed on under water plant food.

In the picture below, You can see the Spot-billed duck comfortably flying over the water. You can see they fly so close to the water.

Spot-billed Duck, Flying
Spot-billed Duck flying over the Water
In this other picture, you can see a Spot-billed Duck opening its wings to start flying. They fly very fast when they see any threat.
Spot-billed Duck, Opening WIngs
Sopt-billed Duck Opening Wings
I hope that with the help of these pictures, now can easily spot a Spot-billed duck. 


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