Indian Spotted Eagle Pictures and Detail (Vulnerable Bird Specie)

Indian, Spotted, Eagle,
Indian Spotted Eage

 Indian Spotted Eagle Pictures and Detail- 

I love all types of birds and it is always a great experience to take pictures of birds. However, people don't consider some of birds good for them because they consider that these birds bring bad luck. The same is true for Indian Spotted Eagle, when I was taking its pictures, a few people told me that it is not good to view it and it may cause bad luck. I didn't listen to them and took these pictures. 

Indian, Spotted, Eagle,

When I saw these pictures of the Spotted Eagle on my laptop, then I found a beautiful creature of God and I fell in love with it.  Why we still consider some of birds like owls, eagles, bats etc as bad birds to humans. They are integral part of our ecosystem and They are very innocent and never cause any harm to humans. In the modern world, we need to shed these false beliefs and start respecting all creatures of God. At present, Indian Spotted Eagle is put in the category of vulnerable birds because of their small and decreasing population less than 10000 remaining on earth. They have thick yellow colored legs and a big head as compared to the body. 

It is not an easy task to take good pictures of a bird like Indian spotted Eagle which flies very high in the sky. However, sometimes we get lucky and they come close to us. I was also lucky that this Indian spotted Eagle sat on a nearby pole with a piece of roti in its one foot. Initially, It thought that me and my camera is a threat to him and he even tried to threaten me. But with time, he realized that I am not going to cause him any harm so he settled down. 

Front, View, Indian, Spotted, Eagle,

Face to Face, Indian Spotted Eagle, Eagle, Indian Bird, Bird Photography,
Face to Face with Indian Spotted Eagle 

The scientific name of Indian Spotted Eagle is Clanga Hastata. It is a bird of prey of South East Asia and  it is found in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and Nepal. We can easily observe Indian Spotted Eagle or a pair of it flying high in the skies. It belongs to the Accipitridae family of birds. The size of these birds is 65 cm and with a wingspan of 150 cm. Indian Spotted Eagle is a medium sized eagle and it is known for its short tail. 

Indian, Spotted, Eagle,

Indian spotted eagles feed on small birds, reptiles, frogs, mammals and sometimes food left by humans like roti. It is common to find them forests, near fields, near trees and vegetations. Their breeding season is from March to August and they make nests on the trees which is made of thick sticks. 
Indian, Spotted, Eagle,

Overall, it was a wonderful experience to capture this vulnerable bird and in future, I will bring more pics of it with info. 


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