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Hello Readers, 

                           At this site, I regularly added pictures of Indian birds taken by me. So far, I have taken pictures of more than 100 types of Indian birds, and I constantly add new pictures. I have taken these pictures with a Nikon 5100 and Tamron Telephoto lens 70-300 mm. A more powerful lens and the camera can increase my reach many times. 

I am writing this open letter to those people who some way want to help my site and my Bird photography. These people can help me in two ways.

1) Help me with old or spare Telephoto Lens/camera - If someone has an old or spare Telephoto lens for Nikon cameras which he doesn't need then he gives it to me to increase the reach of my bird photography. Or someone willing to give his old or spare high-resolution camera Or an old or spare tripod which can hold more than 3 kg weight then he is welcome to contact me on email -

2) Donate some money for Photography equipment - You can also support this site and my hobby by donating some money for getting new and advance photography equipment for taking more sharp and clear pictures of birds. 

You can support us through multiple methods like PayPal, UPI, or bank transfer. 

 Options to send money - Paypal (Click Here

 UPI - arvindkatoch@icici 

 A/c - 019001501419 (ICICI Bank Ltd., IFSC CODE: ICIC0000553, Name: ARVIND CHAND KATOCH)

It is just a request to those people who can offer help in some way. 



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