Blue-fronted Redstart Pictures and Detail (Phoenicurus frontalis)

Blue-fronted Redstart, Redstart,
Blue-fronted Redstart

Blue-fronted Redstart Pictures and Detail- 

I have always found small birds like Redstart very curious and they mostly become curious about your activities and sometimes even come close to you. Last time, I shared my encounters with Black-Redstart, White-capped Redstart and Plumbeous Redstart and now, it's time to talk about Blue-fronted Redstart, whom I met in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh. 

Blue-front Redstart,
Blue-fronted Redstart
During a walk in empty fields, I found a pair of small birds looking for food, When I went close to them, then I realized that they are Redstart birds. Initially, I was not sure which kind of Redstart these were. When I started taking pictures of them, then they also started coming close to me and started curiously observing me. Soon, they realized that I am not a threat to them, then they become busy with their old activities while ignoring my presence. 

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Blue-fronted Redstart,
Blue-fronted Redstart
The scientific name of this bird is Phoenicurus frontalis and belongs to redstart genus Phoenicurus. The family of this bird is Muscicapidae (Chats and Old World flycatchers). Blue-fronted Redstart is mainly found in the northern Indian Subcontinent and in some parts of Southeast Asia. We can find these birds, mainly in the Himalayas or in hill areas in the countries like Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tiebat, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Back, Blue-fronted Redstart
Back of Blue-fronted Redstart
The size of these birds is between 15-16 cm and they weigh around 13-18 gm. The color of a Blue-fronted Redstart male is Blue on the head, throat, back, and in the wings. The underside of Blue-fronted Redstart is orange in color. While female birds are brownish-grey

The breeding season of Blue-fronted redstart is between May to August and we can see 15 days to one-month variation in their breeding season in different geographical regions. Blue-fronted Redstart is also found in regions where we find White capped Redstart, so we need to visit the nearby Himalayan hills to capture the pictures of Blue-fronted Redstart. 

Like the other Redstarts, They also mainly eat insects, berries, fruits, and seeds. Blue-fronted Redstarts do show attitudinal migration; however, their range is mostly short. Our Himalayas are full of many beautiful birds and Blue-fronted Redstart is one of them. Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain the natural balance in the Himalayas so that their creature remain safe. 

Blue-fronted Redstart,
Blue-fronted Redtart
So far, Blue-fronted Redstart has put in the category of list concerned birds because of their good population. In the future, I will bring you more pics and info on Blue-fronted Redstart. 


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