Black Redstart Pictures and Detail (Phoenicurus ochruros) A small curious Bird

Redstart, Black,
Black Redstart

Black Redstart Pictures and Detail- 

Today, I will discuss and share the third Redstart with you with whom I spent some time and got its pictures. Earlier, I shared pictures of White capped Redstart and Plumbeous Redstart. Like the other redstart birds, Black Redstart is also a curious bird and it may come close to you when you are taking its pictures. 

Black, Redstart
Black Redstart

The scientific name of this bird is Phoenicurus ochruros and it belongs to the redstart genus Phoenicurus. The scientific name of the Indian subspecies is Phoenicurus ochruros rufiventris. Black Redstart, a small flycatcher bird has a wide range and we can find many of their subspecies. Black Redstarts are found in Europe, Asia, China, Britain, Ireland, and Africa. It is a resident world; however, the Black redstart living in the northern or colder parts may migrate to hot southern places. 

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Black Redstart Front
Black Redstart Front

It is not a very difficult job to find a Black Redstart around you in India; though, with the change in geographical location may see the different sub-species of Black Redstart. These birds can be seen in the wild, grassy fields, close vegetation, thick forests, and urban gardens. 

Black Redstart Back
Black Redstart Back

The size of these birds is 13 to 15 cm and 12 to 20 gm. The colour of the upper part of Black Redstart is dark grey to black and the colour of the breast is black. The bottom part and tale are of orange-red colour. 

Black Redstart Side View
Black Redstart side view

Black Redstart eats insects, earthworms, spiders, snails, fruits, berries, and seeds. Their breeding season is May to August. It is always a great experience to come across a Redstart bird and I liked my encounter with Black Redstart very much. 

Black Redstart, Closeup,

Next time, I will bring more pics and info on Black Redstart and other Redstart birds. 
Black Redstart

Black Redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros, Bird, Punjab,
Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros rufiventris)

The Black Redstart is a small passerine bird that belongs to the family Muscicapidae. Here are some unique points about this species:

Appearance: The Black Redstart is named for its black plumage with a distinctive red tail. The male has a black head and upper parts with a white patch on the wing, while the female has brownish-gray plumage.

Distribution: The Black Redstart is a migratory bird that breeds in Europe, western Asia, and northwestern Africa. During the winter, it migrates to southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Habitat: The Black Redstart is typically found in rocky areas, such as cliffs, quarries, and ruins. It is also found in urban environments, particularly in cities with historic buildings.

Diet: The Black Redstart feeds on insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates.

Behavior: This bird is known for its distinctive tail-wagging behavior, which it uses to attract prey. It is also a territorial bird and will defend its breeding territory aggressively.

Conservation status: The Black Redstart is considered a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, it is still threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, particularly in urban environments.

Overall, the Black Redstart is a unique and fascinating bird that is well-adapted to its rocky habitats and urban environments.


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