Amur (White) Wagtail Pictures and Detail

Beautiful, Close up, Amur Wagtail, Wagtail,
Beautiful Amur (White) Wagtail

Amur (White) Wagtail Pictures and Detail- 

Today, it is time for Amur Wagtail which is a subspecies of White Wagtail. This is the third wagtail, I am sharing with you after Grey Wagtail and Grey-headed or Dark-headed Wagtail. The scientific name of this bird is Motacilla alba leucopsis. Amur Wagtail belongs to the Wagtail family of birds. We can find these birds over a long geographical range spread in the areas of Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan, and Oceania. 

Sweet, White Wagtail, Wagtail, Amur Wagtail,
Sweet Amur (White) Wagtail

Amur wagtail is a very sweet and friendly small wagtail. This wagtail mainly has a combination of White, Black, and gray colors on its body. It is quite pretty to observe the dark black eyes on the white face. The head of White Wagtail is black and we can find a black color on the front chest like a child's bib. The size of this wagtail is from 16 to 19 cm. 

This bird is so friendly that it comes very close to you and often tries to carefully examine you. This is the most friendly birds, I found after Gold-billed Magpie. White Wagtail is one of the common birds that we can easily observe. So far, I have seen two varieties of White Wagtail out of the six subspecies found in India. Amur Wagtail and Indian Pied Wagtail (which has a black neck). 

Amur, Wagtail,
Amur Wagtail on Ground

The wagtail birds got their name because of their habit of constant tail wagging. Amur Wagtail is an insectivorous bird so feed on the different kind of insects like worms, beetles, spiders, small snails, maggots, flies and many other. Therefore, these birds are very important for our surroundings because they kill harmful insects. 

The breeding time of Amur Wagtail is the same as other White Wagtails from April to August. Both sexes help each other in the making of the nest and they fight hard to defend their territory and nest. So far, these wagtail species are away from danger because we can find them in good numbers. In the future, I will bring more pictures of Amur Wagtail and other Wagtails. 
Amur Wagtail,


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