Jungle Myna Pictures and Detail (Acridotheres fuscus)

Jungle Myna, Myna, Indian Myna,
Jungle Myna

Jungle Myna Pictures and Detail-

Around us, we can find many birds, and even among common birds, we can find many varieties. The same is true for Myna birds. Earlier, I shared with you Pied Myna, Common Myna, Bank Myna, and Brahminy Mayna. Now it is time for Jungle Myna. From the name of Jungle Myna, we can conclude that this Myna is found in the Jungle alone; however, it is not true. This Myna is commonly found in the jungle, however, we can find it in good numbers around civilization. 

Jungle Myna in Water Pot
Jungle Myna cooling itself in water Pot
I got a chance to do them all this photoshop of Jungle Myna from my village and city homes. Jungle Myna can be seen with common myna looking for food. In a big group, we can find both common myna and Jungle myna. Though Jungle Myna is not as common as the common myna and we don't find them very often. However, with some patience, we can easily find some of Jungle Myna around us. 

Pair, Jungle Myna, Myna

It is common to find Jungle Myna in pairs or groups. Both sexes of Jungle Myna look alike. Jungle Mynas are also as naughty as the common mynas are and they do come close to humans. The scientific name of these birds is Acridotheres fuscus. Jungle Myna is a bird of the starling family like the other Myna birds. 

Jungle Myna, Myna,
Jungle Myna

These are 22 to 23 cm long birds. The color of their feathers is gray, which is darker on the head and wings. We can recognize the Jungle Myna with the head tuft and yellow eyes with a black center. The bill and legs of Jungle Myna are bright yellows in color. 
Jungle Myna
It is common to find them around the water bodies. Like the other Mynas, these birds are also omnivorous; therefore, they eat grains, insects and fruits. 
Jungle Myna,

Jungle Myna is a resident of Southeast Asia and we can find it in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Due to accidental introduction, these birds have entered new territories. 
Back, Jungle Myna,

Jungle Myna makes its nest in the holes and their breeding season is same as of common myna. These mynas are similar in many ways to common myna and we can often find them together like in the pictures below. 
Common Myna, Jungle Myna, Myna,
Common Myna and Jungle Myna

Common Myna, Jungle Myna, Myna,

I am very excited after taking the pictures of so many myna birds and in the future, I will try to bring more info and pics of Jungle Myna for you. 
Jungle Myna

Jungle Myna


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