Lesser Yellownape (Woodkeeper) Pictures and Detail

Lesser Yellownape, Bird, woodkeeper,

Lesser Yellownape (Woodkeeper) Pictures and Detail

The more I capture the pictures of birds, the more I become fascinated with their versatility. I wanted to capture the pictures of a wood keeper bird and one day, I heard a sound that resembles the sound of hitting hard on the wood. So, I decided to investigate and found a greenish bird making sounds on a nearby tree. I succeed in taking a few pictures of this bird before it flew away. 

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Later on in the investigation, I found that it is Lesser Yellownape and its scientific name is (Picus chlorolophus). It belongs to the wood keeper family called Picidae and we can find them very common in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Lesser Yellownape has three subspecies and I took pictures of the Himalayan subspecies because I took these pictures in Himachal. 
Lesser yellownape, woodkeeper, bird, indianbirds

It is a medium-sized (25-27cm) greenish bird with a yellow crown or strip at the head with shades of red or orange color around the eyes and edges of wings. The average weight of it is 60-80 grams. It eats various insects like ants, beetles. It also eats fruits and berries. These birds can be found up to a height of 1400 meters. They love to live in places with plenty of trees. 

It is common to hear its Pyeeah-Pyeeah calls when it is around. They also make their nest in the tree holes and give two to four eggs. The male lesser Yellownape birds are slightly more colorful than the female birds. It is always a delight to watch color birds and so is watching the lesser Yellownape. So far, these birds are not in danger because we can find them in good numbers. 


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