Lesser Whitethroat warbler (Silviidae) Picture and Detail

 Lesser Whitethroat warbler, warbler, tiny bird

Lesser Whitethroat Warbler Pictures and Detail - 

       It is quite an interesting experience to interact with small or tiny birds. I have found that these birds are more interacting than the big birds and they sometimes come very close to you. I have already introduced you to two warblers Common Tailorbird and Grey-hooded warbler. Today, I will talk about Lesser whitethroat warbler. 

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Lesser Whitethroat warbler ,warbler,

One day I was taking pictures of flowers then I found that a small bird is coming very close to me and he was comfortable in my presence. He was very adorable and sweet and I clicked some of his pictures and later found that the name of this bird is Lesser Whitethroat and it is a warbler. It is part of an old-world warbler family called Silviidae. They are migratory birds that fly to India in winters from cold climates. The scientific name of this bird is Curruca curruca. 

Lesser Whitethroat warbler, warbler,

This bird is available in good numbers and we can found it in some parts of Europe, Africa, Arabia, and India. This bird has a grey back and a whitish bottom. The color of the head is slightly darker than the rest of the body. Lesser Whitethroat is insectivorous like other warblers but they also like fruits and berries. Sometimes, they are confused with the Whitethroat species of warbler, however, Lesser white-throat is slightly smaller in size. Both these species are supposed to be related to each other. 

Both male and female Lesser whitethroat look similar and it is difficult to distinguish between them. We can find two subspecies of these birds. They make fast rattling sounds. 
Lesser Whitethroat warbler, warbler,

They love to stay in the thick bushes, dense hedges, and dense trees. Lesser Whitethroat is migratory in nature and they are shy by nature. In general, they don't like to come close to humans so it is difficult to spot them. The size of this bird is around 11-12 cm with wingspan of 18 cm and weight is around 12-14 gm. 


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