Eurasian Coot Pictures and Detail (A Bird which can walk on the water)

Eurasian Coot

Eurasian Coot Pictures and Detail -

Today, I will discuss another water-oriented bird Eurasian Coot with you. The scientific name of this bird is Fulica atra. Earlier, I have covered three water birds Spotted-billed duck, Ruddy Shelduck, and Eurasian Common Moorhen.  Waterbirds are the birds which depend mainly on water resources for their food and living. Eurasian coots are also called common coots or Australian coots. 

Pair of Eurasian Coot

I encounter these birds at Nagal Wetland, Harike Wetland, and at Kurshetra Brahm Sarovar. Mostly, we can see them in pairs or groups. We can easily spot them by the white mark (frontal shield) present on their foreheads. These birds are found in many parts of the world including India, Europe, Australia. 

Juvenile Eurasian Coot

The male and female Eurasian coot birds almost look similar; however, male birds are slightly bigger than the female birds. They are black colored birds. It is common to spot these birds on the common water bodies like lakes, rivers, reservoirs, marshes, etc. We can even attract them by feeding them. 

Eurasian Coot
 These birds are omnivore and can eat both live prays as well as vegetation found in water or on land. When in groups, these birds create a lot of noise. It is common to spot these birds taking small flights which looks like running on the water (as shown in the picture below). 

Eurasian coots

These birds make small dives in the water to get food out of water. The size of these birds 36-42 cm long and they weigh around 700 gm to 900 gm. 
Eurasian Coot

So I hope that next time when you visit a water body then you will spot these birds because the chances of finding these birds around a water body are very high as compared to other water birds. I will also try to take more pictures of them in the next encounter with them. 

Watch the Eurasian Coots in Action (Video)-


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